I saw something like this in a Movie and on TV. Is this this the same thing?
Not that we know of yet. You have seen similar games, but not straight foam fighting. Often you will see a dramatized game that involves magic and humorous nerds. We specialize more in the humorous category.

Is this LARP?
No. LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. LARPs often require that a player choose a name and character and pretend to be someone else. We are different because we do not pretend to be anything other than who or what we are.

Isn’t this just the SCA with foam swords?
No. The Society for Creative Anachronism is a different game. While we respect the LARPing community, we will not require you to pretend to be anyone other than who you are. The SCA also focuses on steel-on-steel combat, (or at least wicker on steel) while our weapons are designed to strike an opponent without causing injury.

I want to pretend to be a Barbarian, Ninja, Elf Ranger. Can I still play with you guys?
YES! We love all types of people to play with our group. Just please respect that I will be wearing old jeans and clothes I can get dirty in and may ignore your “Hold Person” spell.

But I really really want to wear a cape and practice magic!
Awesome. Contact us and maybe we can help connect you with likeminded gamers. Otherwise, we can always use noncombatants to herald our games and judge our crafting tournaments.

I’m under 18 and my parents say it’s ok for me to play. Can I?
Yes. Our official age for events is 16 with a parent’s permission. But, each group has house rules and can allow exceptions at the discretion of the group administration. For even younger children, sometimes a few parents have an opportunity to play while other parents watch the others’ children.

I bought some great armor at the Renaissance Faire. I want to wear it to practice.
Cool, bring it out and we want to see it too! Our only concern is that costume armor can be harmful to the weapons and players. Sharp edges, pokey studs, large buckles.. all that stuff is really good at cutting foam swords and people’s elbows.