Board of Directors

Matt – President
Matt has been a martial arts and foam fighter for many years. Originally from Missouri, Matt spent several years practicing with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). During that time he helped guide and shape a regional group known as the Kingdom of the Broken Crown. Matt has been increasingly involved with the Florida foam fighting community over the last several years and is currently administrator for the local Vargar group. Matt has been able to gain leadership and fighting experience over more than a decade of fighting and group leadership. In the intervening years, Matt has earned degrees in Anthropology and Mental Health Counseling and is now a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC).


Cindi – Secretary
Cindi has many years of experience as a foam fighter. Originally from Missouri, she worked as an administrator for the local fighting group, Kingdom of the Broken Crown. Cindi is known to fight with strength and aggression using the ubiquitous sword and shield weapon set and the much less common florentine or dual sword technique. In her role as leader of the local Vargar group, she has been able to teach many of the more experienced fighters useful techniques while guiding new players into the game.  Cindi works as a community educator and is also a very active board member of the Pinellas County 4-H association.

Paul – Operations Officer